Open back blouse


Let's draft the pattern for this open back blouse, perfect for a summer night out.

It can be realized in any fabric, even a basic cotton makes it perfect.

In real life we suggest to add thin ties to back neckline and back waist to keep the blouse on you (in photoshoots this is not necessary - and the blouse is much more appealing without - but we feel it would be safer to have them).

To draw the pattern, start from a basic block with darts and a matching sleeve.

Step 1

Start from front.

Shorten it up to 5cm above the waistline, erase the waist dart and draw a new slash line to manipulate the shoulder one. This new line is from bust point to the neckline, approx 4cm from center front. Cut through it.

Step 2

Close the shoulder dart on front and open it into the new slash line.

Still on front, draw a more open neckline (to the center of shoulder line). Then, from the same point draw a line ending quite low in the armhole.

Move to back: measure the same amount on shoulder line and draw the line ending into the armhole.

Step 3

Separate the two little armhole pieces, one from front and one from back.

Trace a copy of front filling the dart gap, then draw a couple of slash lines parallel to center front 4-5cm apart.

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