Open back long dress


Let's have a look at the pattern for this amazing evening dress.

The focus is on its back: it features a low neckline, an eye catching cross tie and a short train. The front has a low waistband and an open V neckline.

To draft it, start from a basic block with zero wearing ease, as it is snug to the body.

The perfect fabric is something flowy as satin, a medium weight one that hugs the body, eventually with a little stretch. Crepe and cady would also work. You will also need an interlining (fusible or not, your choice) to reinforce the tie/waistband and necklines.

Step 1

Start from back.

Mark the waistline as a slash line and cut through it.

From the waist downward, reduce the dart by discarding 1,5-2cm from center back.

Flare 10-20cm at hem from center back and side.

Step 2

Still on back skirt, square down from the dart and cut through this line.

On back bodice, discard the dart half from center and half from side, redraw the armhole 1,5-2cm inward on shoulder line, then draw the shoulder strap almost parallel to armhole but ending in the side seam.

Step 3

Manipulate the dart volume to the hem on back skirt, then merge it with back bodice and draw the neckline.

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