Paneled dress with topstitchings


Let's draft the pattern for this timeless, casual knee-length dress.

It is classy yet easy to dress up or down for any occasion, and it is also a quick make because you can skip lining.

We suggest to sew it in denim, gabardine, corduroy or other medium weight woven fabric and to use cotton thread in a contrasting color for topstitching. We usually like cotton 50 or 70 (not 30 - it's too thick and most machines usually have hard times using it).

Step 1

To draft the pattern, start from a basic dress with darts and 0 to 2cm ease on bust, waist and hip circumference according to the type of fabric (if it has some stretch, 0cm ease is ok, if it is a bit stiff and/or non stretch I suggest adding few cm on all circumferences).

Draw the open neckline on back and front, then redraw armholes reducing 1 to 2cm on shoulder line and lastly widen shoulder dart by 1cm at front neckline.

Step 2

Cut through the new armhole and neckline to get the new front and back.

On back, divide waist line by 3 and draw 2 slash lines. Extend them downwards perpendicular to the hem and upwards one to neckline and one to armhole.

On front, do the same but make sure the inner line passes through bust point.

Step 5

Align all pieces from waist down to shape the hemline.

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