Pants with front overlap


Let's draft together the pattern for this unusual style of pants.

They feature a classic back and a front with overlap - do it in 2 layers for a nice bottom finish.

Any suiting fabric or medium weight cotton or wool will work.

Start from a basic pant pattern with the wearing ease you like best. Mine is 4cm at waist circumference and 4cm at hips.

Also, adjust the bottom width as you like it - remember that you should add/remove the same amount at inseam and side seam to keep the correct hang.

Step 1

Start from back and draw the back pocket position 7-8cm below waistline. It should be minimum 13cm long, but you can increase the measurement up to 15cm if you prefer.

We prefer to make dart ending above pocket line to make sewing easier.

Step 2

Get the front and draw the slanted pocket line on it. The measurement should range between 16cm and 20cm. We like it when it is 18cm.

Change front dart into a pleat 3 or 4cm wide.

Step 3

Trace a copy of the highlighted part of front. This is front overlap.

Start from pocket line and side seam, draw a curve from center front 8-10cm below waistline up to side seam 15-20cm below pocket opening.

Copy the dart adjusting its length so it crosses the overlap all the way down.

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