Pencil dress with sides drawstrings and big sleeves


Let's draft together the pattern of this sexy dress.

It features an almond shaped front opening, a fitted bodice, big sleeves with elasticated wrists and a skirt with side drawstrings.

Any fabric (with a little stretch if you like it to be a bit more comfortable) will look nice. We suggest a solid color as prints might look a bit wired with the gathered side seams.

Step 1

Start from a basic block with darts and a matching sleeve.

On both back and front cut through the waist line, taper the skirt at the knee and redraw the neckline slightly wider.

Reshape the center back by reducing the dart.

Step 2

Trace a copy of back bodice and back skirt separately.

Trace also the front skirt, and while tracing the front bodice manipulate the darts: close the shoulder one and open its volume all at the waist.

Step 3

Draw the neckline as half of an almond in center front, cut it away.

On both skirts, from the hip tp the hem draw some horizontal slash lines evenly spaced (7-9cm) and cut through the lines.

Step 4

Spread the skirt pieces by half of the previous measurement (3,5-4,5cm) and redraw the new shapes.

Step 8

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