Pencil skirt with bow


To draft the pattern for this skirt, start by tracing a copy of your skirt block - we have a free short course on it, available here - in case you didn't see it yet!

So, from a basic skirt with 2cm ease at waist and hips if you use non-stretch fabric, then trace a copy and follow these steps:

Step 1

Work on back first: trace a full copy, adjust length to 10cm below knee line, then reduce 2 to 3cm from hemline at side seam, blending to zero at hipline.

Draw a first line: it’s slanted downwards from right to left. On right side seam pick a point 5 to 7cm below waistline, then pick a point on left side seam that is 10 to 15cm below waistline and connect them.

Draw a second line, slightly curved: it’s approx 3cm below hipline on right side and at hipline or 1cm above it on left side.

Step 2

Cut through all lines on back, then cut through center back.

Manipulate darts closed on the upper back pieces.

Then get front and:

  • adjust length and taper from sides as done on back
  • pick matching points along side seams and draw similar lines to the ones done on back – the only difference is that both lines are straight here.
Step 3

Still on front, draw the bow.

Square down from bow midpoint to hemline.

Before cutting through the lines, trace a copy of full front as we need to mirror some parts of the bow.

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