Petal skirt


Let's draft together the pattern of this evening skirt.

You could use a heavy satin with some interlining to give structure to the hem.

Step 1

Start from a basic block.

Taper the skirt at the knee and flare at the hem, both at the side and at center back.

Draw the hem of the shorter skirt.

Step 2

Trace a copy of the upper skirt and draw the panel slash lines.

Make sure one passes through the dart edge so you can manipulate the dart.

Step 3

Cut through the lines to separate the pieces.

Close the darts.

Flare all panels at the sides by the same measurement.

Step 4

Here is the pattern of the skirt top layer.

Step 5

Get a copy of the basic skirt, flared at sides and center back, and cut through the knee line.

Step 6

Draw the slash lines from the knee to the hem and cut.

Step 7

Open the new volume on the bottom part of the skirt and redraw its hem.

Step 8

Here is the finished pattern!

Step 9