Raglan dress with rhombus detail


Style analysis: pencil dress with raglan, elbow length sleeves. Classic style combined with a subtle, unusual cut: there's a rhombus shape in front and a dart shaped the same way.

Fabric: any medium weight woven or knit in solid color (using a print would make the style lines less visible, so we wouldn't recommend it). You can add a piping or topstitching detail to highlight the lines.

Draft the pattern starting from a basic block with darts and 10cm wearing ease at bust circumference. Our method for drafting made to measure basic blocks is fully explained in our basic blocks course/module 1.

Step 1

Trace front, then draw a slash line from center front 2cm below neckline to bust point. Draw another slash line from bust point to center front 4 to 5cm below waistline.

Cut through the first slash line, then tape shoulder dart closed.

Step 2

Draw a slanted dart 1cm wide at waist using second slash line as middle line.

Then draw another slash line starting from neckline 1cm past center front and being parallel to previous slash line, then continue toward waist and redraw waist dart slightly slanted. Keep the dart length matching to original dart.

Step 3

Cut through the slash line closer to center front and remove the small dart. This way you are separating center front rhombus detail to main part of front.

Lengthen the slash line past waist dart to hemline.
Cut through the slash line and remove the dart volume. Cut all the way to hemline.

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