Raglan top with statement sleeves


Style analysis: a very cool short top with statement sleeves with darts and cutouts at shoulder area. Another interesting aspect is the seam that twists around the forearm. Top has french darts, side panel to shape front, side buckles.

To sew it, pick a medium weight boiled wool or similar fabric. We suggest adding full lining.

Draft the pattern by starting from a basic block with darts. If you're new to our method, we published the first 2 modules of our course about made to measure patterns, you can check the programs at these links module 1 and module 2. Drop us a line if you need any further information!

Step 1

Trace a copy of your basic bodice with darts and 10 to 12cm ease at bust circ. Mirror front to have it full.

Change waist dart on right side so that its apex ends in bottom part of right armhole, then draw a slanted line from bust point to the new dart (for manipulating shoulder dart).

Step 2

Cut through the new right waist dart by discarding it, so you get side panel + main front piece.

On main piece, cut through the slanted slash line, close shoulder dart and open it in the new line.

Then draw a slanted line from right high shoulder point to left side approx 5cm above waistline and 7 to 8cm past center front. Draw the short belt 4cm wide and 5 to 6cm long as shown in the image. Cut through this new line.

Step 3

So your front is now ready – remember to keep center front line as a reference for grain and overlap.

Get back bodice and change the dart into a slanted one ending in bottom part of armhole (as done on front in step 1). Cut through the lines to separate center back from side back by discarding the dart.

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