Sheath dress with bow


Let's see how to draft the pattern of this asymmetrical dress.

Start from the basic block of a dress with darts and full front.

Step 1

On front and back, flare from the side seam 5cm and redraw the armhole a couple of cm inwards on the shoulder.
Erase the waist darts.
On front only, cut in the center and draw the slash lines for manipulating the shoulder darts.

Step 2

Get the right front, cut through the slash lines and close the shoulder dart.
Open the volume for the drape and draw an extension for the bow.

Step 3

Redraw the right front with the additional volume.

Step 4

Manipulate the dart on left front to have it in the side seam, and this is the finished pattern: back, left and right front, additional piece for the bow.