Short jumpsuit


Style analysis: strapless jumpsuit with sweetheart neckline, asymmetric lines on bodice, short pants.

Center back invisible zipper, lining in bodice.

Fabrics: any medium weight woven fabric, as twill, taffeta, satin, cotton, linen, or blends with polyester.

Step 1

Draft the pattern tracing a copy of your basic pant with 2cm wearing ease at waist circumference.

Shorten back and front to desired length (we suggest 10 to15cm from crotch level), then square down from hip line at side seam and crotch point at inseam to hemline.

On front pant, square down from dart apex and cut through the line.

Step 2

On back, erase original dart and draw 2 twin darts (total amount taken should be as the original dart) 4cm apart. Twin darts can be 2 to 3cm shorter than original dart.

On front, use the slash line to open 6 to 10cm at waistline (this amount includes dart width and will be sewn as a pleat). Pivot at hemline to open the pleat.

Step 3

Merge back and front at inseam in a temporary way and drop crotch by 2 to 4cm (otherwise sitting will be uncomfortable!). Redraw crotch line.

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