V-neck blouse with wide sleeves


Let's draft together the pattern of this trendy blouse.

Start from a basic block with darts and a basic sleeve.

Step 1

Drop the shoulder and the armhole by 2-5cm and change the sleeve to have the armhole and sleeve cap measurements matching.

On both back and front draw the underbust line.

On front bodice, draw the neckline and redraw the waist dart to make it fitted at the underbust.

Draw 3 slash lines in the center of the sleeve.

Step 2

Separate the pieces of the bodice and manipulate the darts on the waistbands closing them.

Do not close the darts on the bodice.

Cut through the sleeve slash lines and open 2cm on top and 4-5cm at bottom.

Step 3

Make a copy of front and back bodices ignoring the darts, then draw a slash line on front only.

Get both waistbands and draw 3 horizontal slash lines in each one.

Step 4

Cut through the slash lines, give extra width to the front and redraw it.

Give also extra length to the waistbands matching their volume and marking the pleats.

Step 5

This is the finished pattern: back and front bodice, back and front waistband, sleeve and cuff.

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