Skirt with gathers


Let's draft the pattern for this super cool and super easy skirt!

It is all about gathers, so best would be to get a piece of fabric you intend to use and try some different ratios so you can decide which one you like best.

We suggest lightweight but structured fabrics as taffeta.

The skirt pattern starts from a copy of your basic skirt. We have the construction in our free pre-course, if you want to check it out here.

Step 1

In this image, there are 3 different ratios:

  • x3: the bottom tier is 3 times longer than the top one
  • x2: the bottom tier is 2 times longer than the top one
  • x1,5: the bottom tier is 1,5 times longer than the top one.

We suggest these attempts to decide which ratio is best for your fabric 😉

Step 2

To draft the pattern of the skirt, trace a copy of your basic skirt, adjust the length to 3/4, then flare 5 to 7cm from side seams.

Step 3

Draw the slash line that divides the tiers:

  • on back, line is straight slightly above hip line
  • on front, it starts at a matching level on side seam and curves upward ending at waist before the dart.
Step 4

Draw the slash lines to add volume:

  • divide back waistline by 3 and hemline by 3, then connect the two points
  • divide front waistline by 4 and front hemline by 4, then connect the points drawing the slash lines.

Cut through all vertical slash lines and through the horizontal one.

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