Skirt with heart shaped bow


Style analysis: a mini skirt with side slit and heart shaped bow. The bow has gathers that make it draped.

Fabric is medium/heavy satin, but any other medium weight woven fabric would work, either non stretch or with a minimum stretch. Light to medium weight denim is also a good option. You can add a trim to hemline as in this example if you want, or skip this detail.

To draft the pattern, start from a basic skirt on your own measurements and zero to 4cm ease depending on the fabric you use and the fit you prefer. Our method for drafting made to measure skirts is explained in our free pre-course.

Step 1

Trace back and full front (for the asymmetric style), then adjust length to 15cm above knee and cut through the new hemline.

On front, square down from left dart apex.

Step 2

Get front and measure 2 to 3cm on left and right side of the vertical slash line at hemline. Identify hip level at slash line and connect the points with straight lines (dotted ones here).

From hip level to 8cm above hemline draw half heart and trace a copy of it.

Step 3

Make sure you have a copy of the heart.

Cut through the vertical slash line to separate left and right front.

On right front, draw the first fold (labeled as 2 here) and trace a copy of it.

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