Sleeveless midi dress


Let’s draft together the pattern of this polished dress.

Start from a basic block with darts.

Step 1

On back bodice discard half of the dart from center back and half from the side.

On front bodice, move the waist dart towards the side, then draw two new slash lines from bust point, one to the new dart line and one to the neckline.

On both skirts square down from the dart edge.

Step 2

Cut the front bodice piece/panel and merge it to the back bodice.

On front open the new dart lines.

Step 3

On both bodices, draw the built in mandarin collar and draw the waistband.

Step 4

Get the skirts, close the waist darts opening them at the hem.

Flare also 10-15cm from the side seam.

Step 5

This is the skirt pattern.

Step 6

And this is the whole pattern ready to be reproduced in real size!