Slip dress with open back


A nice summer dress featuring interesting dart manipulations: front has a cowl neckline and an asymmetric slash line on skirt, back has no darts and lacing in the upper part.

It's also a good sewing exercise because it's bias cut - and we all know bias is a fascinating direction but not the easiest to handle ;) this is a good practice!

Trace a copy of your basic dress with darts - we suggest 2cm ease at bust, 4cm at waist and hips.

Step 1

Adjust the length to ankles or full, then taper 1 to 2cm inwards at knee line blending to zero at hip and flare at least by 5 to 8cm at hemline.

Redraw hemline slightly rounded as shown, then mirror front for the asymmetric styleline.

Step 2

Erase bottom part of back waist dart, then take in half of it from center and half from side.

On front, draw the slash line at 45° angle from center, approximately from knee line on right side to bottom left.
If the line is exactly at 45° angle from center front, since dress is bias cut it will be much easier to sew the two pieces together.

Step 3

Cut through back waistline and through front slash line.

On front, straighten the upper part of side seams taking 0,5 to 1cm from each side, then draw the straight neckline (we suggest 7 to 8cm above bust point, but it depends on your breasts size), redraw also armholes starting a couple of cm inwards.

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