Statement sleeves shirt


Statement sleeves are one of the biggest trends for this season. Let's draft together the pattern of this shirt, that can be easily adapted to a dress or a jacket.

From a slightly structured fabric to upholstery fabrics, a big variety can be used. We think an organza version of it would be stunning!

Start from a basic block until the waist line, with darts and wearing ease appropriate for the fabric you are using. Keep bust and waist measurement even on front and back (so, do not make the front slightly bigger and the back slightly smaller as in the classic construction, because we'll create a dolman-like sleeve).

Step 1

On front, draw the double breasted closure and the roll line (from high point shoulder to the 1st button position).

On both front and back, pick 2 points on shoulder line (we suggest every 5-6cm from high point shoulder) and 2 points evenly distributed on the waist line – connect them to draw the panels. Divide each waist dart in 2 smaller ones where the panel cuts are.

Step 2

Get the back.

Extend the shoulder line by 15-18cm and raise 4-6cm at its tip. Connect this point with the last panel cut on shoulder.

Draw the outer sleeve edge with a curve ending to the waist.

Step 3

Trace a copy of back pieces, there are 3 bodice ones and 1 will become the sleeve.

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