Striped pencil skirt


Style analysis: a striped skirt where grain plays a crucial role by changing strip direction and creating interesting details.

The skirt also includes an interesting dart manipulations in side panels that allows skipping darts completely.

You can sew it in any medium weight woven fabric, from plain weave cotton to twills, denim, blends with linen or polyester..

If you're new to our method, you can try our free pre-course to create a basic skirt pattern on your own measurements, then you can follow this tutorial to turn the basic pattern into this style!

Step 1

Trace back and front, then adjust length to 5cm above knee line.

Taper 2cm from side seams blending to zero at hipline. Cut through the new side seam.

Step 2

From hip line, draw a curve ending at hemline 6 to 8cm from side seam.

Draw the curve on back, then trace it on front so the curves match.

Step 3

At a matching distance from side waist (6 to 8cm) draw a line slightly curved ending 4 to 6cm below hipline on the previous curve.

Along waistline measure towards center as dart width, then erase old dart.

Repeat the same process on front. Notice that dart width should be consistent, and that new dart should reach the same level of old dart (dart legs won’t have same length as old dart, as the original was straight and the new one is slanted).

Cut through the lines to separate the pieces and discard dart volume.

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