Tiered slip dress


Let's have a look at the pattern of this slip dress with tiered skirt. Front and back look alike, other then the neckline.

To sew it, the best fabrics are with a medium weight and a crisp hand, as taffeta, jacquard, cotton twill or organza.

We suggest to cut the bodice twice in fabric so you can have a nicer neckline finishing - plus, you can add cups in between the layers if you want!

Step 1

Start from a basic block with darts.

On front, draw the underbust line first and extend it outwards – this will be the underbust gathering for the skirt, and we’ll come back to the measurement later.

Draw the neckline perpendular from center front and then slanted towards the armpit.

Draw the shoulder strap as you see in light blue.

Step 2

Separate bodice and skirt.

On the skirt part, erase the waist dart.

Step 3

Get the back, draw the same underbust line and extend it.

Draw the neckline and the shoulder strap, then erase the dart taking its volume from center back from the waist upwards.

Step 4

Separate the back pieces.

Step 5

Get front and back bodices.

On front, widen the shoulder dart by 1cm at the neckline to make it tighter.

Step 6

Separate the bodices from the shoulder strap pieces.

Remember to measure the shoulder strap length before throwing its pieces away. Use the sum to cut two rectangular pieces to have shoulder straps in self fabric.

Step 7

Get the front bodice and draw a slanted line towards the side seam for manipulating the dart into a french one.

Cut away the existing darts.

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