Twisted dress


Style analysis: a simple yet sophisticated dress with drape starting from shoulder and creating a twisted effect due to an interesting pattern manipulation.

It's a very quick make that is perfect for medium weight knits ;)

Draw a basic block with darts to start working on the pattern, then follow the step by step instructions.
You can learn our method for drafting perfectly made to measure basic blocks (contoured ones, and the ones with wearing ease) and for fitting them in our basic blocks course/module 1. You will learn in depth also how to manipulate darts, add volumes and a lot of pattern transformations that will take your pattern making skills to a higher level.

Step 1

Trace a copy of full front as the style is asymmetric.

Draw 2 slash lines:

  • one line (slightly curved) starts on right shoulder line 3cm past high shoulder point, passes few centimeters below left bust point and ends on left side seam 12 to 15cm below armpit
  • one line (straight) starts on right armhole 5 to 7cm above armpit, passes through bottom apex of left waist dart and ends in left side seam.
Step 2

Lengthen both shoulder lines outwards by 2 to 4cm, then drop the new outer point by 1cm to make shoulder area a little shaped.

Step 3

Cut through both slash lines drawn at step 1.

Draw another slash line from right bust point to left side seam passing through left waist dart. Cut through this new line and close right shoulder dart and left waist dart.

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