V-neck one piece swimsuit


If you already downloaded the free guide to draft the basic bodysuit (and if you don't, you can find it here) you can manipulate it to create an amazing V-neck one piece swimsuit.

Here you find a tip on the best elastic for sewing swimswear.

Step 1

Trace a copy of the basic block.

Step 2

Draw the new style lines: on both back and front draw the new shoulder line, neckline and armhole.
On both necklines draw also a small dart 1cm wide that will be manipulated and helps keeping the deep neckline tighter to the body.
Draw a new line for manipulating the dart at the underbust and cut through it.
Redraw the crotch line to move the seam slightly backwards.

Step 3

Trace the separate pieces and manipulate the darts: on back it will be closed, on front both darts will be moved to the underbust gathering.